Day Workshop Programme

03 nov 04 nov 05 nov
Welcome & Introductions
Professor Caroline Wilkinson (Director of the School of Art & Design, LJMU)
Kristoffer Gansing (Artistic Director, transmediale)
Lunch (provided)
09.30-11.00 (moderated by Christian Ulrik Andersen)
Graziele Lautenschlaeger (Humboldt)
Mitra Azar (independent)
Tessa Zettel (independent)
11.30-13.00 (moderated by Joasia Krysa)
Lyndsay Mann (Edinburgh)
Lea Muldtofte Gestelev (Aarhus)
Scott Wark (Warwick)
Lunch (provided)
Conversations / Writing / Newspaper production
Lunch (provided).
Walk to FACT (with Mark Wright).
13.00-14.30 (moderated by Lone Koefoed Hansen)
Cansu Topaloglu (Sussex)
Elisavet Christou (Lancaster)
Aideen Doran (Northumbria)
15.00-16.30 (moderated by Geoff Cox)
Nathan Jones (Royal Holloway)
Marie Louise Søndergaard (Aarhus)
Pablo Velasco (Warwick)
13.00 Introduction to exhibition at ERC (with John Byrne)
Brainstorming (Cornelia Sollfrank) / Conversations / Writing / Newspaper production
Final aim: 1-2000 word articles + images


Evening Public programme

18.30-20.00 (introduced and moderated by Joasia Krysa and Christian Ulrik Andersen)
Sharing: Existence, Expenditure,
and the Economy of Sacrifice
– Wolfgang Sützl
(Ohio University, US). Respondent: Kristoffer Gansing (Artistic Director, transmediale, Berlin, DE)
Dinner together (provided)
18.30-20.00 (introduced and moderated by Geoff Cox and Lone Koefoed Hansen)
Ready to engage in a dialogue? – Cornelia Sollfrank (Artist, Researcher and Writer, DE). Respondent: Sally Tallant (Director, Liverpool Biennial, UK)
Dinner (self-organised)
Human Futures Forum and Human Futures Exposition follow on the 6th.